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Yes, I Want The POWER SESSIONS And All The Bonuses
Yes, I Want The POWER SESSIONS And All The Bonuses

Updated: 12th of July 2024

Hey, Career Builder,

Ever feel like you’re in a maze of toxicity at work?

Like you’re dodging office politics left and right?

Well, you’re not the only one feeling the squeeze.

And what about that anxiety?

It’s like a persistent shadow, creeping up on you at the worst times – like when your colleague drops by to ask about that overdue project

Or when your boss springs a surprise meeting at 4 pm.

Been there, done that, right? You’re not alone in this struggle.


Ha, that’s a tricky one, especially when it comes to those higher-ups.

It’s as if they hold all the cards, snatching credit for your ideas or tinkering with your hard work.

But here’s the tricky part:

fleeing from a toxic workplace doesn’t always bring sunshine and rainbows.

You might have made a swift exit without a backup plan.

Or you switched to another Job

Or perhaps the toxic individuals got the boot or were shuffled elsewhere.

But guess what? The drama doesn’t just evaporate into thin air.

Hold tight, because there’s more to unravel in this tale.

Want to know a secret? Stick around, and we’ll delve deeper into this journey.

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Revealed: The Shocking Truth About Toxic Workplaces That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

Alright, buckle up for some eye-opening facts about those dreaded toxic workplaces…

Ever wondered just how common they are? Well, brace yourself – a whopping 99% of folks will stumble into a toxic work mess at some point in their career. Crazy, right?

And here’s the kicker – about 60% of people are hitting the road just to dodge those nightmare bosses. Yikes!

But wait, there’s more… a staggering 83% feel like they’re walking on eggshells reporting harassment, ’cause let’s face it, they know nothing’s gonna change.

And get this, a whopping 94% have been bullied at work. It’s like a jungle out there!

Seems like everyone’s buzzing about social media, but hey, let’s shine a light on the real deal here – this problem ain’t no joke. I’ve seen it, felt it, heard it from countless folks who’ve escaped toxic workplaces.

But here’s the kicker – resources to tackle this mess? They’re as rare as a unicorn, and just as tricky to find. It’s a puzzle we need to crack, and fast.

Escape the Toxic Job Trap: Your Ticket to Freedom and Success!

Now, hold onto your seats, ’cause what I’m about to spill might just blow your mind!

You might be sitting there, wondering, “How on earth do I break free from this toxic job cycle?”

Well, fret not, my friend, ’cause I’ve got some seriously exciting news for you. I’ve crafted a foolproof system designed to help you bust out of that rut…

Picture this: reclaiming all that lost confidence, emerging even stronger than before.

Envision yourself stealing the spotlight as a top performer, earning the recognition, praise, and opportunities that once seemed out of reach in those toxic job trenches.

Imagine breaking free from the chains of resentment, moving towards a brighter future.

Visualize giving your career the boost it desperately needs, propelling it back onto the path to success.

And say goodbye to that never-ending cycle of toxic jobs as you step into your full potential and workplace greatness.

This is your moment to usher in some positive vibes and enact real change.

Ready to dive headfirst into this transformation journey together? Let’s do this!

This system is not just talk. It’s built on solid research and real success stories. Different people from all walks of life have seen real changes. And it’s not a one-size-fits-all thing – it’s personalized to your needs. Time to level up!

Hard to believe if you’re struggling right now – or if you have mental blocks around making changes – but…check out what these people (who are no different to you) are already saying about it…

The Backstory to How I Discovered A More AUTHENTIC, GENUINE, AND ETHICAL Way to Rise Above Toxic Job, So I Could Share My Unique Gifts With The World…

My name is Coach Annmarie Wangui, your career bff.

I survived a job that became so toxic that at one point I ended up hospitalized.

Eish, it’s hard to describe just how bad things had gotten. And me being in HR professional, it was even more painful – I felt like I should be maintaining a healthy workplace, not drowning in toxicity.

The constant stress, unrelenting pressure, and the negative vibes were slowly nibbling at my mental and physical health.

At first, I thought I could manage it – I mean, I’m hardworking, right? But as time went on, the damage was undeniable.

Hindsight, my friend, is a powerful thing. I now see that during those tough times, I was barely surviving, not really living.

The toxicity had infiltrated every corner of my life. I’d spend nights tossing and turning, racking my brain over work issues that seemed insurmountable.

I was always on edge, my health suffered, and relationships took a hit.

Leaving that gig and jumping into a new role felt like stepping into fresh air after a storm.

Suddenly, I could see how much the toxic environment had twisted my perspective.

Slowly, it dawned on me just how much I’d changed.

As I settled into my new job, I began noticing the difference like day and night.

It was like a weight lifted off me.

But, don’t get me wrong, there were scars left behind – my confidence was shredded.

Doubt became my shadow. Trusting co-workers or bosses felt like a foreign concept.

It’s like I lost not just who I was, but the knack for navigating a healthy work scene.

Reality struck hard during my first review in the new gig.

The feedback was positive, but deep down, I felt like I wasn’t reaching my potential.

It was a tough pill to swallow, seeing how deep the toxicity had eroded my self-belief.

That moment sparked a fire in me to do something about it.

I knew that if I didn’t deal with the aftermath of that toxic job, it would keep haunting me, sabotaging any chances for growth.

The road ahead was rough, but I was determined to rebuild my confidence, regain trust, and reshape my mindset.

And so, my journey began. I uncovered the power of healing with intention, nurturing resilience, and setting healthier boundaries.

But here’s the kicker – finding real solutions wasn’t a walk in the park. It took research, expert advice, and heaps of trial and error.

This path was marked by ups and downs, moments of frustration, and steps backward.

It wasn’t a straightforward route; there were times I felt like I was retracing my steps more than moving ahead.

But the resilience I was building became my anchor.

Those tough moments made me realize how huge the challenge was – shifting from survivor to someone who thrives, reclaiming my identity from toxicity’s grip.

The journey of healing was a reality check – the effects of a toxic job linger long after you leave.

But it was also a testament to the human spirit’s ability to heal, to evolve.

Now, having gone through it and seen the transformation firsthand, I’m committed to helping others – LIKE YOU– on their path to recovery and empowerment.

Just imagine the incredible impact YOU can make in your life when you take on this transformative journey with my Sessions. I want you to really think about it…

What if… you could get back that unshakable self-confidence that used to be your trademark? Just picture yourself standing taller, confidently sharing your ideas in meetings, and tackling new challenges with a fresh wave of assurance.

And what if… With your renewed self-belief, doors that used to be locked up tight will swing open. Opportunities that felt out of your reach will suddenly be right there for the taking, shooting your career to new heights. This program gives you the power to boldly seize these opportunities and embrace your full potential.

But that’s not all – here’s the kicker: Picture this scene – as you rebuild trust and rediscover your self-worth, a transformation ripples through your professional and personal relationships. Communicating effectively becomes second nature, nurturing connections that go deeper, mean more, and are healthier. By nurturing these relationships, you’re creating an environment that’s all about positivity and support.

At this moment, the exclusive gateway to uncovering these invaluable secrets lies in enrolling in my transformative one on one Coaching Sessions, “Power Sessions” (details below).

I’ve meticulously curated this Power Session to extend a helping hand to professionals just like you, who find themselves grappling with toxic job experiences.

Here’s a breakdown of how the “Power Sessions”  operates:

  1. Pre-Session: 30 minutes

Enroll and receive a complimentary pre-session where you’ll untangle yourself from toxic patterns and negative beliefs inflicted by past workplaces. Lay down the foundation for your transformation journey.

2. Power Session: 2 hours

Join us for an empowering session where you’ll dive deep into rebuilding self-belief. Say goodbye to self-doubt and embrace newfound confidence. Shed the remnants of toxic workplaces and approach new opportunities with a renewed sense of strength and purpose.

3. Post-Sessions: 30 minutes

After the power session, we’ll equip you with essential tools to recognize and navigate toxic environments. Learn how to set strong boundaries and intentions to safeguard yourself against potential traps, ensuring a healthier and more fulfilling career path.

Enroll Now

A Bag of Goodies Just For You…

Here’s What You Get:



Get ready for Three solid coaching sessions. These sessions, steered by Coach Annmarie, are tailor-made to give you expert direction and game plans for tackling the hurdles of toxic work zones, sparking healing, and unlocking that hidden potential within you.

Worth (Kes 45,000 Value)

Day 1: Untangle – Breaking Free from Toxic Patterns

Unravel yourself from toxic patterns and negative beliefs instilled by past workplaces, laying the groundwork for transformation.

Day 2: Spark Confidence – Igniting Your Inner Power

Dive into rebuilding self-belief, walking taller, and shedding the remnants of toxic workplaces or office politics to approach new opportunities with newfound strength.

Day 3: Fortify – Guarding Against Toxicity

Equip yourself with tools to recognize and avoid toxic environments, emphasizing intention and strong boundaries to stay clear of potential traps.

That’s just a scratch on the surface compared to the abundance of tools waiting for you in the journey to conquer Ofice politics and toxic workplaces with my “Power Sessions” 

But, the bigger part of the iceberg, the part that most people don’t see, is hidden in these additional resources I’m giving you right here:


Toxic Job Prevention Checklist:

Addressing a primary concern of those who’ve battled toxic workplaces, this checklist equips you with the necessary steps and essential questions. Prior to signing any job offer, this resource will guide you in making informed decisions that help you avoid stepping into another toxic job environment.

Worth (Kes 20,000 Value)

Listen up, my friend! In this “Toxic Job Prevention Checklist,” you’re about to acquire some serious skills that will keep you one step ahead in the game:

Identify Warning Signs: Picture this – you’ll become a pro at spotting those red flags that hint at a potentially toxic work environment. You’ll pick up on those early signals, giving you the edge to make smart choices before you even step in.

Evaluate Company Culture: Hold up, we’re not stopping there. You’re going to learn how to read the vibes during interviews and selections. Yup, you’ll know how to tell if a workplace is all about that positive energy and good vibes.

Ask Crucial Questions: Get ready to unleash those questions, my friend! You’ll be armed with the confidence to ask all the right stuff – the stuff that digs into the heart of workplace dynamics. This means you’ll know what’s up with work-life balance, how the bosses roll, and how employees are really feeling.

Assess Leadership: Leadership matters, and you’ll understand just how much. You’ll grasp the power of leadership and how it shapes your work world. Plus, you’ll know how to figure out if their leadership style matches your vibes and career dreams.

Analyze Team Dynamics: Hold onto your seat – we’re diving into team dynamics. You’ll learn to check out how teams and departments vibe together. It’s all about figuring out if they’re all about teamwork, communication, and giving each other that boost.

Review Work-Life Balance: Work-life balance, my friend – it’s a big deal. You’ll know how to see if the company cares about it. You’ll spot those signs that show whether they’re into well-being and keeping things balanced.

Examine Growth Opportunities: Ready for some growth? You’ll be the expert at sizing up growth chances within the company. Find out if they’re into boosting your skills, helping you climb the career ladder, and keeping the learning train rolling.

So there you have it – these skills are about to turn you into a workplace ninja, spotting the good from the not-so-good. Get ready to rock those interviews and make sure you’re stepping into a job that’s truly worth your while!


Business of One E-Book:

This book is your key to adopting a business-minded approach within the job market. It’s designed to help you navigate your career with a strategic outlook, giving you an edge in the professional realm.

Worth (Kes 2,500 Value)

Listen up, my friend! Brace yourself for the journey that the “Business of One” Book is about to take you on:

Master Strategic Thinking: We’re talking about mastering the art of thinking big and smart, just like those successful businesses do. You’ll learn to sync your goals, make wise choices, and position yourself like a boss in the job market.

Navigate the Job Landscape: Hold on tight, because you’re about to navigate the crazy job world like a pro. From spotting opportunities to jazzing up your personal brand, this book is your toolkit for standing out in a fierce job market.

Build Your Professional Brand: Oh yes, you’ll be the pro at showing off what you’ve got. Learn the tricks of personal branding, showing the world that you’re a hotshot asset. You’ll know how to flaunt your skills, strengths, and what makes you stand out to potential bosses.

Network with Purpose: Network, network, network – that’s the name of the game. You’ll discover the magic of meaningful connections. Learn how to grow your circle of pros, making friends who open doors to cool gigs and tons of growth.

Negotiate Your Worth: Say hello to some serious negotiation skills! You’ll master the art of talking money, benefits, and everything else that’s rightfully yours. Get ready to stand up for your worth like a total pro.

Plan for Growth: Time to map out your career like a champ. You’ll get down and dirty with setting goals, tracking progress, and leveling up in your career journey. It’s all about growing, growing, and growing some more.

Plus much more.

You see, the “Power Sessions” is the real deal – a comprehensive solution to help you conquer any Office Politics or toxic job trauma. This is where your brand new career journey kicks off.

Now, let’s talk numbers. I could easily slap a price of Kes 37,000 on this program. I mean, it’s just a fraction – a mere 10% – of what I charge companies and HR teams for my programs.

But hey, I’m not about to go nuts on you. I get it, we’re just getting to know each other. I want this to be super-affordable, so you experience that life-changing transformation just like I did. So guess what? I’ve settled on Kes 3,700.

At Kes 3,700, it’s a steal. Seriously, think about it – it’s a small price to pay compared to what you might lose if the office politics starts taking its toll on you. Trust me, I’ve been there – I was even hospitalized. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. And you know what? At Kes 3,700, I havent even covered some of these advertising costs.

It’s your chance to understand why that job turned toxic and how it might try to creep back. So don’t wait – grab your spot in the sessions and let’s kickstart your journey to rising above toxic jobs and unlocking your true Power.

Your transformation begins with that very first step!

WARNING: If my ads costs get too high I reserve the right to pull this offer any day now. If you want in, now is the time while you’re on this page.

If you close this page you may never get to see this offer again, and your chance to transform your life will disappear with it.

You Had Me At Hello – Let’s Get Going

Haya, check this out – I’ve lined up 2 amazing bonuses just for you, valued at a whopping 180,000 bob. These  goodies are like the ultimate buddies for the “Power Sessions,” and guess what? They’re all YOURS, and I mean totally FREE.

(Yeah, it’s my way of giving you a thumbs up for all the awesomeness you spread around.)


Rising Above Community

Toxic workplaces can make you feel all alone. But guess what? This private community is your lifeline. It’s a spot where you can toss questions, get a dose of support, and meet others who’ve survived toxic workplaces too.

Worth (Kes 40,000 value)


Group Q&A Coaching for 4 weeks

You ain’t alone in this journey. Every week, we’re here for you, ready to chat. Got questions? Need a nudge? We’ve got your back. Plus, bring your workbooks, let’s dig deep, and make sure you’re on the right track.

Worth (Kes 140,000 value)

Total Value Of The “Power Sessions” 

And All The Bonuses = KES 210,000

Yours for just

Yes, I Want The POWER SESSIONS And All The Bonuses

Three Paths. Which Will You Take?

Here’s how I view it – you’ve got three roads to choose from to own your professional journey:

  1. Do absolutely nothing. Keep on trucking the way you are, crossing your fingers – maybe even saying a prayer – hoping life will just fall into place.
  2. Dive into the world of trial and error on your own. It’s a long, winding path. But hey, you might eventually figure out how to navigate that toxic workplace mess.
  3. Get yourself enrolled in my 3 days  “Power Sessions” and unveil the proven secrets that’ll make taking control of your life feel like a walk in the park.

The decision is all yours, my friend.

But if you opt for choice number 3, then from this very moment onwards, you’ll bid farewell to those days of pleading for opportunities, the hustle to convince or twist arms to get ahead. No more playing a role that isn’t you, no more pretending.

With the “Power Sessions”, a transformation will unfold. You’ll step into a world where connecting with potential employers becomes a joy, where authenticity is your superpower, and where success is rooted in being true to yourself.

Gone will be the days of feeling weighed down by pressure and stress. Instead, you’ll glide through the process with ease, exuding confidence. This isn’t just about breaking free from toxicity; it’s about crafting a career and life that you’re genuinely excited about.

Now, consider this – the investment is a mere 3,700 Kshs, and the assurance of a full 100% money-back guarantee is on the table. Enrolling in the “Power Sessions” could be the turning point you’ve been waiting for in your career journey.

So, if transforming your professional path, escaping toxic cycles, and stepping into your true potential sound like what you’re after, then jump right into the “Power Sessions”. There’s no risk, and a world of empowered success to gain.

Are you in?

Yes, I Want The POWER SESSIONS And All The Bonuses

Frequent asked Questions

When are the workshops?

The workshops are on-demand so you can complete them at your own pace without worrying about scheduling. 

When are the Group Coaching Q&A Calls?

Q&A calls begin on October 14th and will be sixty minutes each. They are scheduled to take place each Thursdays at 11am ET through the six weeks. If you can’t make the time, no worries – when you send in your question we”ll answer it whether you are there or not. All calls are recorded and the audio will be available to you.

Will this help me with my job search?

One of the most important things in your search is your confidence! This is a main focus for the Power Sessions. Some of the bonuses include resources to help you create high impact job search assets, but we won’t cover search or things like resume writing specifically in the program.

Do you guarantee results?

This is where it gets tricky… I have all the confidence in this program AND your potential. But I’m not doing the work for you, and I can’t make you do the work, so I cannot guarantee results. But I do offer a 30 day money back policy – and unlike other Career Coaches, I’m not making you jump through hoops and holding your money hostage to prove you took every step because, because quite honestly, if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. And if I’m not happy I start frowning a lot, and that drives up my future Botox bills. It is much more economical and much less miserable to simply refund you so we can both be happy and wrinkle free.

Will this work for me?

I’ve spend tens of thousands of dollars on courses and coaching, and I know each choice brings up the fear: what if it doesn’t work!? I am confident this will help you recover from your toxic workplace as long as you do the work (even when it isn’t easy). Let’s swap the question to the more likely outcome… what if it does work?

Can I join if I did not have a toxic job?

It’s not a pre-requisite. In fact, many of my clients don’t feel comfortable labeling their work experience as toxic. This program is for anyone who has had a negative experience at work that is impacting their confidence, trust and success no matter what terms you use to describe the experience.

Yes, I Want The POWER SESSIONS And All The Bonuses