Business of One Program

Use Business Principles To Help You Become Unstuck

Many of us experience life transitions — planned and unplanned, periods of feeling stuck, and changes within ourselves, our relationships, and our communities.
By leveraging proven Business principles used by leading companies we will teach you how to apply that same methodology to making your biggest life decisions. Regardless of age, income, or stage in life, our unique approach to designing your life will give you the actionable tools necessary for becoming unstuck and creating a more meaningful life. You will learn how to ask the right questions, eliminate old ideas that are not working and test new approaches to your life.

The Programme has 12 modules to be covered in 12 weeks. Students will be required to attend one class every week for two and a half hours. The modules will have personal assignments to be done to ensure that the concepts learned are put to practical application and that progress is continuously being made in designing a Well-Lived, Joyful Life.


9AM - 6PM (Monday – Friday)


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Some of the modules

Learn and apply Business principle through highly interactive one on one sessions where we will:

Paradigm Shift

Explore the social and personal narratives that shape us

Starting where you are

Heighten a mindful awareness of where you are now and Working together to identify and reframe dysfunctional beliefs

Building a Compass

Use design tools for balance and energy and improvements


Frame and reframe problems or areas where you’ve been stuck and engage in radical collaboration and ideation for new solutions.

Getting unstuck

Dig into tools to increase your creativity and confidence. Use breakout discussions to share and collaborate

Design Your Lives

Design three possible future paths – Odyssey Plans – for your life


Learn how to prototype (or do small experiments to learn more) the parts of these lives that are most compelling you

Failure Immunity

Use Effective tools to action plan for real change. and tools that will cndition you new found Hapiness.


Enrollment are open for the.

  • January intake – Classes starting on 2nd week of the month
  • April intake – Classes starting on 2nd week of the month
  • July intake – Classes starting on 2nd week of the month
  • October intake – Classes starting on 2nd week of the month

Your Investment:

Learn how to get hold of your Career from experience.

  • Kshs 45,000 Early-registration rate
  • Kshs 90,000 Regular registration
  • Some partial scholarships are available. Please reach out to Catherine about partial scholarships: [email protected]