How to achieve Financial Independence (F.I.R.E) Fast! free class

A systematic session that empowers you with the tools necessary to be able to achieve financial independence and Retire Early the Easy, Fast and Safe way.

This life-changing free session will help jumpstart your journey to financial independence and retiring early. It covers three main topics: maintaining a monthly budget, getting out of debt (including paying off a mortgage early), and investing for the future. 

We’ve taken the key concepts of personal finance and presented them in a fun and easy-to-follow manner. We know that your time is limited, so we’ve made this session possible to consume in a lunch hour. 

This session is accessible to anybody regardless of age, background, or financial state. Whether you’re new to personal finances or a veteran, we’re sure you’ll learn something practical and valuable. 

Why are we so confident? Because we ourselves retired from our fast-paced careers in management consulting before the age of 40 by using the principals in this Session.  

The path to a debt free life, financial independence, and early retirement is just a step away. We hope you join us by enrolling in this course. 

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This course is moving at an interesting pace and pre-empts many of the challenges and queries facing people as they consider the financial path. 

Grace Naliaka photo

Grace Naliaka

This was a great course, highly informative with rich content. The course goes in depth through a wide range of topics with many great practical applications.

Felix Kimondo photo

Felix Kimondo

This course is very informative and interesting. It provides many helpful resources and a clear picture of Fire Movement

Waceke Wangui photo

Waceke Wangui

The content of this course is comprehensive and interesting. The facilitator has good knowledge on the subject and he also provided many resources for the learner

Cate Nzioka photo

Cate Nzioka

I love it! Detailed , practice tips from real life .. thank you

James Kanyii photo

James Kanyii

Just a fresh original perspective, stories, models and ideas. One of the best thought out courses with real life examples and feel to it instead of just the typical theory that is common. Great course Hiadvise and the world needs more like you.

Tina Zawadi photo

Tina Zawadi

Provides guidance and excellent advice to help sort through the maze involved in identifying a financial path to take

Hilda Chepkirui photo

Hilda Chepkirui

What an amazing course! Absolutely loved it and has spurred me to go after my goals. Thanks a ton, Ann

Mercy Makena photo

Mercy Makena

Highly recommended! I absolutely loved the course, its contents, the way it was thought, and the timing.

Arnold Mwangi photo

Arnold Mwangi

I found this course interesting and thoughtful. There was a lot of information and a quiz to see where I fit into the content. 

Bruce Kemunto photo

Bruce Kemunto

It's probably better if one has a chance to do this early in their lives as there'll be opportunities to navigate well.

James Adida photo

James Adida

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